Claims Made Easy

BASE® has a variety of ways for clients to submit claims. As technology continues to progress, BASE® offers the latest in claims submission with SnapClaim and Debit Card services.


Saving Time & Maximizing FSA Benefits.

Access to benefit details, claims and reimbursements has never been easier! The SnapClaim app will allow clients to view benefits as well as the details, claims and reimbursements associated with Flexible Spending Account benefits. Integrated SnapClaim technology lets employees file claims on the spot using a smartphone camera.

All users will be able to view the following:

  • Card activity with ability to block a card
  • View and manage personal information
  • View and manage notification subscriptions

The SnapClaim feature provides the ability to file claims directly from a mobile device with photos of receipts. No more faxing or fumbling with receipts!

Benefits of Using the App:
  • Easy – The app uses standard mobile functionality designed with clients in mind.
  • Access – 24/7 access to your benefit information
  • Secure – No personal information is stored on your mobile device

BASE® mySourceCard® Debit Card

Employers Save Money Every Time an Employee Swipes the Card!

The BASE® mySourceCard® Debit Card increases plan participation, which...

  • Saves Employer in FICA and FUTA taxes
  • Reduces Claims Form Paperwork
  • Virtually Replaces Reimbursement Checks
  • Adds Value to an Employee Benefits Package
  • Helps Offset Rising Healthcare Costs

Increased Savings & Maximized Plan Participation!

With the BASE® mySourceCard® debit card, employees pay the provider directly from their pre-tax accounts, eliminating the need to complete claim forms and the wait for reimbursements. Tapping into the power of the mySourceCard® payment platform, employees simply present their debit card at any qualifying merchant or provider location. With a swipe of the card, the provider is immediately paid for the services directly from the employee’s benefit plan funds.

Save Administrative Costs!

Employer reduce costs due to a reduction in:

  • Manual claims processing costs
  • Service calls through online self-service
  • Electronic claims costs due to auto adjudication of copays
  • Costs of overpayments by online repayment system