It May Be Called a Limited Purpose FSA, But the Benefits are Unlimited!

The Limited Purpose FSA works like a regular FSA but is limited to the number of eligible expenses it can be used for.  But just because the name starts with the word, “limited,” it doesn’t mean it is limited in the potential tax savings and benefits to both employer and employees. 

The BASE® Limited Purpose Flexible Spending Account (LPFSA) is a special type of flexible spending account (FSA) that is available to employees, enrolled in a Health Savings Account (HSA), to put aside money, on a pre-tax basis, to pay for eligible dental and vision expenses.

With the LPFSA, the employer can take advantage of its benefits.  The employer can find additional ways to maximize savings and tax benefits for the business and employees.  It may seem that by limiting the reimbursements to only dental and vision care, that it isn’t much, but with the employee electing to make pre-tax contributions, it reduces the employer’s share of FICA and FUTA taxes and enhances the employer’s benefits package.   

The LPFSA benefits are not limited to only the employer, but to the employees as well.  The employees can see an increase in take-home pay due to funds being transferred on a pre-tax basis, saving on Federal, State, Social Security, and Medicare.  The Limited Purpose FSA allows for the employee to pay for the dental and vision expenses, while saving their HSA funds for future medical expenses, building HSA funds, or investment opportunities.

By using the LPFSA first, participants have the opportunity to build contribution amounts in their HSA while still receiving a pre-tax benefit for eligible dental and vision expenses.  For more information about the BASE® LPFSA or the BASE® HSA call 888.386.9680 or visit

Take Advantage of Being a BASE® Business Partner

Imagine this: you’re sitting in a meeting with your client, discussing their business, finances, and other needs.  John, your client, tells you that he wishes there were a way to help him, his business, and employees, save on the continuous rise in the cost of health care.  Because you are a BASE® Business Partner, you say, ”Let me show you how much you can save in valuable tax dollars each year with BASE®!”  Their ears perk up, and because you have become a trusted advisor, they are ready to listen and begin saving thousands in valuable tax dollars!

In that meeting with John, you are presented the opportunity to take advantage of being a BASE® Business Partner, offering your client more than another advisor would be able to, helping you stay competitive in the marketplace that you serve, not to mention, the opportunity to boost your business and increase your bottom line.

As you show John how much he could be saving in valuable tax dollars each year, John is thankful to you for uncovering thousands of dollars that can now be turned around and used for the portfolio of services you offer. 

You assure John that BASE® is committed to his plan and that they will always be up to date with all government regulations, the latest state insurance laws, and other regulations that could affect how John does business.  John asks, “I understand this will save me, as an employer, valuable tax dollars, but how will it help my employees?”

You explain to him that by implementing one of the tax-advantaged plans available through BASE®, he is now providing an additional value-added benefit option to help retain and attract employees.  His employees will benefit too with:

  • Tax-free reimbursements
  • A secure online portal that can meet all needs
  • Personalized top-notch customer service when questions arise

At the end of the meeting, you shake hands (or bump elbows), knowing that you just helped another client save thousands in valuable tax dollars, while providing an attractive health benefits package to their employees.  Whether your client has one employee or hundreds, BASE® provides you with every available resource to help you become more knowledgeable about the products and services that will help benefit your clients.  You know that if there is a time where a client asks a question that you are not fully prepared to answer, that BASE® is just one phone call, or one email, away from answering any question.

BASE® will help you offer your clients the tax savings necessary to help combat the skyrocketing costs of health care, maximize health benefit plans, and build excellent rapport between you with your clients.  For more information on becoming a BASE® Business Partner, call 888.386.9680 or visit