As a tax professional, you are considered to be an expert in your field. Not only are you considered experienced, but ethical when it comes to meeting the industry standard for integrity. The weight of knowledge is continually mounting considering the U.S. has the most complex tax code in the world.

While you are an expert in your field, BASE® is here to ensure that you and your clients comply with current market reforms. BASE® is here to monitor tax code as it coincides with DOL, ERISA, and the ACA to allow you to focus on what you do best.

BASE® has an important responsibility to be vigilant and committed to the compliance surrounding our products. That is why tax professionals across the country have partnered with BASE® to provide sound advice and administration services when it comes to tax-advantaged employee benefit plans for their clients.

Benefit to You:

Access to Secure BASE® Account.
Once you have decided to become a BASE® Business Partner you will be able to take advantage of the various online features that are available exclusively to Business Partners.

Marketing Opportunities.
BASE® is interested in helping you grow your business and wants to provide you with the tools to properly do so. As part of our commitment to you, BASE® offers a variety of different options to help inform your clients about the products and services we offer.

Training, Continuing Education & Resources.
BASE® provides various opportunities to learn more about our products and services, an outlet for continuing education courses, and the support and tools to make your partnership with BASE® worth your time.

Financial Benefits.
BASE® believes you should be compensated for your efforts, and has a very generous compensation package available.

Benefit to Clients:

Affordable Health Care.
Clients can learn about tax saving benefit strategies BASE® has to offer that provide the options to keep paychecks intact, while creating incentives for participants to hold down their medical expenses.

Rest assured that plan information is always up-to-date and in compliance with government regulations. BASE® has an important responsibility to be watchful and committed to the compliance surrounding our products, especially when they involve the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Labor, and Employee Retirement Income Security Act. Plus, BASE® is also well aware of the latest state insurance laws and regulations that can affect the way in which any of our clients do business.

Third-Party Adjudication and Substantiation.
The IRS requires reimbursements and claims of all medical expenses to be substantiated through an independent third party. As an administrator of a variety of reimbursement plans, BASE® adjudicates the medical expenses submitted by each participating employee. In addition, BASE® provides participants with the proper documentation to verify the adjudication of qualifying medical expenses.

Customer Service.
BASE® makes customer service a priority and is available to assist clients throughout the duration of their plan. Offering multi-account coordination, as well as personalized platforms for employer and employees, BASE® is committed to providing the best customer experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

BASE® understands how busy you are, and we make every effort to ensure that our administrative services are as seamless as possible. Plus, we have developed a secure website that allows you to review information about each one of your clients enrolled in BASE® products, as well as various tools and resources to assist you. BASE® believes that partnering together will ultimately help you build stronger relationships with your clients, while ensuring that you have all the time you need to focus on your own business.

BASE® is available to help reach your clients with information about our products.

  • We can set up a mailing campaign to a specific list of your clientele.
  • We can reach your clients via the telephone.
  • We can contact your clients via email.

We know that small business owners are busy, and we'll work with you to determine the best method to contact them about our products. As part of the BASE® Commitment, we pride ourselves in our excellent customer service. As a Business Partner, we will go out of our way to help you in any way that we can.

Many small business owners are able to deduct 100% of their self-employed insurance premiums on the 1040 federal tax return (and possibly their state tax return depending on where you file your state taxes). By utilizing an HRA, small business owners are able to maximize their deduction and save much more than the standard allowance offered on Form 1040. An HRA allows small business owners to save on their federal, state and self-employment taxes by taking the deduction on their business tax return. An example would be on Schedule C line 14 where sole proprietorships take advantage of the savings provided with the HRA. Last year our clients who utilized the HRA saved an average of over $5,900 on their tax return.

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