BASE® Celebrates 20 Years

On April 19, 1999, BASE® was formed on one basic principle, COMMITMENT.  With each passing year, expectations for our products and services grow stronger.  The BASE® promise is to continue providing excellent sales and service staff to assist clients and Business Partners, innovative products and services, and most importantly, listen in our unwavering commitment to provide the best benefit programs the industry has to offer.

With the opening of the doors at BASE®, a vision was born to educate consumer driven professionals on benefit and tax saving solutions, while providing the highest degree of service.  This vision is built on the core values that make our organization what it is today: Integrity, Balance, Excellence, Community, Service, and Teamwork.

Terry Harrington, BASE® President, reflects on the past 20 years.  “We are proud to have achieved this milestone through the hard work and dedication of our staff and partners, as well as our continued commitment to service we founded this business on 20 years ago.  Looking back over the years, I am humbled by where we started and the continual growth and expansion BASE® has undergone.  We have seen our fair share of changes, but have always been purposeful and deliberate in making decisions in the best interest of our clients in our unwavering devotion to service and integrity.”

Thank you to all of the clients and Business Partners that make BASE® what it has become today.  Everyone here at BASE® looks forward to going beyond your expectations as we celebrate our 20th year and continuing well into the future. 

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