No Matter the Size of the Business – HR Intelligence at Your Fingertips

A business is much more than just a job; it’s a passion that deserves to be protected.  Failing to comply with constantly changing employment laws poses a risk that any sized business owner can’t afford to take.  With HR360 it can help businesses simplify the process, prevent potential employee lawsuits, save time, and allow them to focus on what they do best – grow their business.

The BASE® HR360 is the HR solution dedicated to helping businesses comply with HR compliance and major laws.  The easily accessible HR library gives instructions to stay in compliance with Health Care Reform, COBRA, and FMLA.

The library consists of 11 main sections.  Each section contains all types of information that serves as a business’ guide to all things HR, and how to successfully manage their HR department and needs.  The 11 sections are Employee Benefits, Health Care Reform, Human Resources, Recruitment & Hiring, Discipline & Termination, State Employment Laws, Forms & Policies, Online HR Apps & Tools, Resource Center, Safety & Wellness, and HR Training Videos.

The HR Library has answers a business needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with…


The HR Library gives easy-to-understand explanations and analysis of complicated laws and other confusing acronyms.


The comprehensive collection includes human resources forms, sample policies, checklist, and model documents.  All are readily available in a downloadable format.


The website is managed by a team of attorneys and HR specialists who are dedicated to deliver the online HR library and tools to keep businesses in compliance.

HR360 can take away the guesswork and save a business time, money, and frustration.  A business has the option to search the internet for guidance and information on their own, but how does anyone know that the information on the Internet is correct?  For example, by “Googling” the term “employment law, Missouri” generated more than 3 million results – who has time to sift through and find the correct information?  With HR360, once a business subscribes, they will designate the state in which the business resides.  With a breakdown of the most up-to-date information by specific state, the business is sure to be covered.  

Regardless of the amount of employees a business has, many federal and state requirements apply to companies with as few as ONE employee. 

Designed to support businesses of all sizes, HR360 is like having an HR department at your fingertips.  Contact BASE® at 888-386-9680 to subscribe to HR360 today!    

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