Tap Into the BASE® Knowledge!

No one has the answers to everything all the time. We look to others who are experts in their field and have hands on experiences relating to that topic. We seek advice and trust the knowledge they share and use them as a resource to make better decisions. I recently read an article about tapping other’s brains for your own personal breakthrough. That made me think of my life.

I am constantly looking to others for their advice and guidance, because again, we cannot be experts in everything. Just yesterday I asked my mom how to cook her famous lasagna. She gave me the recipe and walked me through how to make it just right. Now it didn’t turn out as good as hers, but I tapped into her knowledge of cooking and it came pretty close.

Then that made me think of BASE®. Every day we speak with people seeking advice on what they should do concerning employee benefits and tax-advantaged plans. A lot of business owners don’t even know they have these options to help them save valuable tax dollars. Our representatives walk people through our different products and services, provide benefit strategies and answer questions that come up.

Recently, a client out of Arlington, VA shared how using BASE® as a resource took something complex and made it simple and easy to understand. After speaking with BASE®, he was able to make better business decisions that led to valuable tax savings for his company. This example shows that utilizing someone’s expertise and tapping into their knowledge can be beneficial and allows you to make better, more informed decisions.

Our expertise and up to date information is what keeps our plans in compliance and penalty free. BASE® works hard to stay current on changing legislation and compliance regulations. Both BASE® Business Partners and clients have come to rely on BASE® as a resource when it comes to tax-advantaged employee benefits and compliance services. In fact, one client enrolled since 2000 stated, “I have always felt the staff was excellent and is always there to answer any questions with effective answers.” Another BASE® client said, “BASE® is courteous and thorough, and their follow up is unlike any other company.”

Utilizing BASE® and our expertise can help to assess employee benefit needs, and we can provide an initial analysis to develop a winning benefit strategy. Contact BASE® today to tap into the BASE® knowledge!

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