Why Would a Business Want to Offer a QSEHRA?

Health care costs increase yearly at an average rate of 5.5% (cms.gov).  Every business feels it, but certainly more than anyone is the small business with 50 or fewer employees.  So, what can a small business owner do if they want to provide their employees with health care coverage, but cannot afford to?  Set up a Qualified Small Employer HRA (QSEHRA).

The BASE® Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement (QSEHRA) allows small employers with less than 50 full-time employees to set aside a fixed amount of money each month, tax-free, that employees, who maintain Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC), can use to purchase their individual health insurance or use on out-of-pocket health care.

With the help of BASE®, employers can be assured they have a compliant benefit option when offering a group health plan is not an option.  Plus, employees will know how much they will have available to them for reimbursement of qualified medical expenses.  BASE® makes enrolling in the QSEHRA simple and helps save thousands in valuable tax dollars.  How it works is simple:

  1. Design the Plan – the employer chooses the limit on how much to reimburse their employees and what kind of health care expenses, such as insurance premiums and qualified health care expenses to reimburse.  For 2020, the maximum contribution limits for self-only are $5,250 and for family are $10,600. 
  2. Employee Pays for Health Care – employees pay for health insurance and out-of-pocket health care costs, then submit for reimbursement.
  3. Employer Reimbursement – once submitted and substantiated, the employer reimburses up to the maximum contribution based on what they established.

The BASE® QSEHRA not only benefits the employer, but the employee and their dependents as well.  The employer is able to retain and attract employees with an increased benefits package, deduct all reimbursements as a business deduction, establish better control of funding limits, and have peace of mind knowing that all legal and administrative concerns are taken care of by BASE®.  The employee now has additional money each month to help with the rising costs of their health care, realize more take-home pay with reimbursements as non-taxable income, and have an easy, and convenient, way to pay for their health care expenses.

Stacey Davis, a BASE® Sales Representative gets to talk to a lot of businesses interested in the QSEHRA and finds that it is a great fit for smaller business owners, such as mom & pop stores, and business owners with up to 49 employees.  Stacey reminds employers that employees must have Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) to qualify but can be covered by their spouse’s employer and still get reimbursed for their health care expenses.  A great point is that all expenses reimbursed to the employee are 100% tax deductible through the business and helps to save the employer on payroll taxes.  

At the end of the day, there are so many reasons as to why a small business owner would want to enroll in the BASE® QSEHRA.  The top 2 reasons?  1)  the employer is no longer able to provide a group health plan due to cost, and 2) the employer wants to offer their employer a means of paying for out-of-pocket health care spending.

For more information on the QSEHRA and how it can save a business owner thousands in valuable tax dollars while still providing an attractive, and competitive, benefits package, call BASE® at 888-386-9680 or visit www.BASEonline.com.

Boost Your Current Benefits Plan with the EBHRA

Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) have become an essential employee benefit in recent years, continually evolving and helping employers and employees save valuable tax dollars each year.  In just the past three years, three of the most popular HRAs have been rolled out – Qualified Small Employer HRA (QSEHRA), Individual Coverage HRA (ICHRA), and the Excepted Benefit HRA (EBHRA).

One of the newest, the BASE® Excepted Benefit Health Reimbursement Arrangement (EBHRA) was signed into law for January 1, 2020.  It is for employers of all sizes to reimburse their employees for certain medical expenses not covered by their group health plan.  While an employer must offer group health insurance, employees are not required to enroll in the group health plan, to benefit from this HRA.   

The EBHRA can help boost an employer’s current benefits plan by providing their employees with an additional tax-free $1,800 per plan year for out-of-pocket medical expenses and non-insured medical expenses.  The EBHRA can reimburse copays, deductibles, prescriptions, dental and vision insurance premiums, COBRA continuation coverage, and short-term limited duration insurance premiums.

Just like other HRAs, both the employer and employee will benefit.  The EBHRA provides employers with the opportunity to further expand their benefit options, more options in designing the health care coverage that works best for the business, and saving valuable tax dollars.  The employee has more choices to choose from to fit their health care needs and have an additional $1,800 to put towards their health care expenses.

For more information on how to boost a business’ current benefits plan with the Excepted Benefit Health Reimbursement Arrangement, call BASE® at 888-386-9680 or visit www.BASEonline.com.