BASE® Introduces “My HSA Planner”

Not only does BASE® administer Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), but now BASE® offers an educational tool to help ease the burden on employers and to increase the overall engagement of participants.  With My HSA Planner, employers will now have a tool for their employees that will explain the benefits of an HSA based on their unique lifestyle and financial goals. 

The benefits of an HSA vary based on the lifestyle and financial goals of a current or potential participant, making it difficult, and time consuming, for employers to explain the benefits of an HSA in a way that resonates to help drive adoption and usage. 

With My HSA Planner, BASE® can provide an easy-to-use decision tool that takes the educational burden off employers and helps both HSA and non-HSA participants learn:

  • The benefits of a health savings account,
  • Amount to contribute each year to optimize the benefit,
  • And the potential savings over time

My HSA Planner is great for both new and existing HSA clients to learn more about the benefits of the HSA, how much they should be contributing, ways to optimize their benefits, and what their savings could be into the future. 

To start, My HSA Planner will ask a series of questions that will provide personalized results.  Some of those results are recommended contribution amounts, an annual spending estimate, and charts that will show potential growth over time. 

This tool will help employees see how the HSA will benefit their lifestyle and financial goals.  Contact BASE® at 888.386.9680 regarding HSA administration and more information regarding this new tool to drive, engage, and utilize this great benefit.